GREY Intelen relocates to NY

About Intelen

We are a B2B technology and engagement analytics software provider focusing on energy utility sector (electricity, gas, water). Our mission is to provide business and people with powerful tools that transform real-time behavioral data into information that makes sense and drive customer loyalty and retention!

To do that, we have developed the SaaS-based DiG Platform which combines a range of historical, statistical, consumption, behavioral and demographic data with algorithms that can predict customer's engagement & loyalty. 

Born out of a doctorate research in applied mathematics, Intelen:

              • was officially founded in 2020 as a dynamic startup aiming to revolutionize the energy analytics industry
              • is based in London (UK), having a subsidiary entity in Greece where product development takes place
              • is owned by the senior management team and selected angel investors 
              • has a simple, flexible and focused on serving customer needs business model
              • is focused on accelerating growth through expansion in the UK and selected Western and Developing European markets
              • plans a future entry in peer-to-peer energy sharing marketplace